2.0 Hdi Relay Service From £180.+ vat

The 2.0 hdi Relay has a service interval of 12500 miles or 12 months, that normally means you’ll be needing a service once a year.

Timing belts need changing at no later than 10yrs or 100K miles but ideally at 8yrs.

Tyres tend to perish before you get a chance to wear them out especially the original Michelin tyres. Always replace them with the correct commercially rated tyres. There are many good budget tyres on the market in the commercial range that will be every bit as good as the more expensive branded tyres.

It makes sense to have the gas and electrics checked at the same time, we charge £60 + vat for a gas and electric test


Citroen C15 – £160 Approx for a Full service

The Citroen C15 should be serviced at least every 10000 miles ( very early models every 6000 miles), this normally means once a year.

If you manage to use your C15 enough in the year to do 10000 miles we suggest a full service with all filters changed would give you trouble free motoring.

If you only manage a fraction of the miles then an oil and filter change annually and the other filters biannually would be fine.

The most important parts to service on the C15 are the brakes, they will need cleaning and adjusting every year.

We can also service and gas test the habitation area at the same time.

We also take your vehicle for its MOT when required.

Timing belts every 70000 miles or 7 years, don’t risk pushing your luck!

Welding to keep the golden oldies going


Habitation Check – £60 for basic check

The SMMT created a Habitation check for Motorhomes many years ago, Its’ guide lines suggests the dealer should not only check the gas and electric ( 240 and 12 volt)instalations but also the bed make up, the windows, curtains and blinds, cupboard doors and many other things that the customers are more than capable of doing themselves.

We only do the things that you can’t do like checking the gas system for leaks, correct flame structure and Flame failure devices.

The mains for correct polarity and earth leakage. The 12volt system for charging and battery condition. Why pay for work that you could do yourself?


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